How can your property boost the loyalty and engagement of tenants? The landscape of commercial real estate has evolved, and tenants are looking for more than just an office space. Properties have to engage their communities, and Fitspot does that is by activating workplaces through amenities. The variety of on-site and digital services embody a holistic approach to wellness, focusing not just on physical fitness, but also nutrition, mental well-being, social, and financial wellness.

A changing workplace means that tenants keep raising the bar, holding their buildings to new, higher expectations. For them, the space they occupy has become an integral means of attracting and retaining talent. This has led to a surge of new amenities, technology, service offerings, and more as buildings compete in their own attempt to win (and keep) tenants. 

-Building Engines, Tenant Experience Gap report

Enter PropTech.

PropTech is a broad term that encompasses the application of information technology and platform economics to real estate markets. It is changing the way we research, rent, buy and manage properties.

With wellness and community amenities at the forefront of building design, properties need a way to link it all together. Properties are the size of a small town, and in these vertical villages, tenant engagement is the biggest problem. That’s where PropTech comes in.  A property could encompass multiple buildings that span multiple stories high. PropTech is a frictionless hub, providing services in one place. One such example is Equiem, a global full-service tech and tenant engagement platform. With technology, properties can foster community on-site, tapping into existing amenities. 

 80 percent of Millennials say office technology and agility impacts their decision when evaluating a new job.

-Deloitte, Human Capital Trends report

We live in an on-demand world and the commercial real estate industry has taken notice. The customer has changed: now landlords have to interact and engage with all the tenants in their building. With PropTech, landlords can find out every tenant’s needs and wants with just a few clicks. Instantly, they are connected to the hundreds that live/work/play at their property.  Sure, you can host fitness classes or plan community events, but how do you spread the word? That’s where you need to find the best technology platforms that can streamline operations and provide easy access for tenants to find and connect to engaging experiences. 

Fitspot’s management technology is the glue that holds our services together. Our technology integrates with other building management software applications, such as Equiem, HqO and more. We meet the needs of the management side of PropTech. Here’s how.

  • Share upcoming events and on-site sessions through the Calendar. Your tenants are able to RSVP for events, see who from the building is attending, and sync to their calendar.
  • Create and track Challenges among tenants. Tenants can sign up for Challenges, log their points, and you can monitor their progress.
  • Property Managers can access engagement reports to see the participation of every event or challenge, the breakdown of tenants that attended, and more.
  • Tenants can provide real-time feedback by rating the sessions they attended, the FitExperts (wellness professionals), and make suggestions for the future.



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