The leadership team at Bentley Mills, a carpet manufacturing company in West Covina, CA, wanted to continue to help their team improve their wellness. Since many of their 350+ employees work in shifts, creating an all-encompassing corporate wellness program that would fit all of their workers’ needs and schedules posed a major challenge.

Bentley Mills outlined some specific criteria that a wellness program needed to meet, including:

  • Flexible and customizable timing, staffing, and service offerings to engage their diverse team
  • Bilingual instruction in English and Spanish
  • On-site wellness services that adapted to employee working days, regardless whether they were on a night or day shift
  • A fully managed service provided by a reliable partner that didn’t put any strain on HR
  • Wellness marketing materials, newsletters and feedback surveys

When they learned about Fitspot, Bentley Mills’ leaders realized our revolutionary wellness ecosystem aligned with all of the above. Fitspot’s dedicated account manager created a customized wellness program that kicked off with a Meet ‘n Greet and personalized health assessments. Programming also included on-site massages and alternating fitness classes. (Zumba quickly became a staff favorite.) 

Read more in the Case Study about how Fitspot’s unique wellness program led to a full 99% of Bentley Mills employees feeling happier at work. 




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