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The 10 Best Snacks to Eat Before a Workout

antibiotic amoxicillin over the counter So you RSVP’ed to your Fitspot workout class at your office, packed your gym bag, and grabbed your water bottle. Jon Cohn

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The One Key Part of a Wellness Program You Are Missing

So you have a workplace wellness program. That’s the first step. What does your programming entail? Are you doing fitness classes? Biometric screenings? The most important question, regardless of what you are offering: how is ...

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What Is Kombucha and Why Should You Drink It?

Kombucha – a fermented effervescent tea – is one of the fastest growing health trends and is expected to continue to rise in popularity. According to Forbes, “Kombucha sales estimate to be $1.8 billion by 2020.” Kombucha is a fermented ...


Five Heart-Healthy Foods

What are the top foods for heart health? Fitspot’s Tune In Tuesday for February (also conveniently Heart Health Month) focused on heart-healthy nutrition. You can watch the 15-minute webinar here, led by Atlanta-based Good ...

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Meet Our FitPartners

Fitspot isn’t your average workplace wellness company. Sure, we provide top wellness experts to teach yoga, circuit training, and more right at your office (equipment and encouragement included). But Fitspot’s unique wellness ...


The Three Types of Employees and How to Make Them Healthier

There are three types of employees: healthy employees, at-risk employees, and chronic employees. All three need wellness, but in different ways. As a leader in your company, you can guide each group on the right path to a healthy ...

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Meet our FitPartner: Zipongo

People make more than 200 food decisions per day. That’s A LOT. And it can be overwhelming. The Problem: Eating healthy isn’t necessarily hard, but in day-to-day life, it can be challenging to adjust with all the tempting ...


10 Ways to Beat the Sweets

  We all know that consuming too much sugar is detrimental to our health. But when we’re confronted with a sweet treat, we often just can’t help but take a bite. Alexa LampasonaAlexa is the Marketing Manager at Fitspot. ...

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What to Expect: Juice Bar Experience

We all love a refreshing juice to start the day, and that’s why Fitspot created our Juice Bar wellness experience. What to Expect We do the work for you! Fitspot partners with a local juice vendor in your city, you pick out your ...


Navigate Holiday Meals and Parties | Guest Post by Good Measure Meals

The holiday season is right around the corner, and for most of us, that means an abundance of food-focused parties and celebrations. We’ve partnered with registered dietitian Alissa Palladino at Good Measure Meals to help you navigate ...


15 Ways to Eat Well This Month

For the month of November, we’re focusing on how to Eat Well this month. One of Fitspot’s key pillars is Nutritional Wellness. We see food as a key driver in wellness. According to our FitPartner Zipongo, people make an average of 200 ...


7 Genius Products for a Better Brown Bag Lunch

Is the same old tupperware day after day getting boring? Here’s a hint: Just because it’s called a “brown bag lunch” doesn’t mean you need to use a brown bag. In fact, using portable products that are both ...