Changing your corporate culture isn’t easy. But when leaders at a global technology company took a step back and looked at their workforce, they realized they needed to rethink their approach to wellness.

Based in Atlanta, GA, with offices all over the world, NCR Corporation wanted to combat rising healthcare costs, the sedentary habits of their employees, and the physical effects of sitting all day at a desk (such as weight gain, joint pain, and conditions like heart disease and diabetes).

Leaders at their Atlanta HQ decided to team up with Fitspot to execute our unique Active Wellness programming, which integrates 5 pillars of wellness to make widespread—and lasting—changes in the workforce:

  • Health screenings
  • On-site group workouts
  • Wellness portal
  • Educational workshops
  • Stress relief programs

Following specific guidelines set by NCR like consistent class times and teachers, Fitspot created a custom 90-day wellness challenge for NCR employees. Keep reading to find out what happened by the end of three months.


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