In an age when many workers spend at least 40 hours per week in an office, a healthy workplace has become incredibly important for office managers to maintain. Not only does it make your office a better place to work, but research also shows a healthier workplace helps employees become more productive, take fewer sick days, collaborate better together, and generally feel happier. Fortunately, there are lots of simple ways to improve your office atmosphere. Keep reading to find out how.

1. Bring in greenery.

Invest in some potted plants to brighten up dreary hallways, welcome areas, and conference rooms. If possible, think about bringing in fresh flowers every week for an additional boost of beauty. Studies show that plants help improve workers’ productivity and even their overall sense of well-being.

2. Encourage exercise.

This doesn’t necessarily mean convincing colleagues to take an intense bootcamp or cycling class. It could be as simple as promoting an office-wide challenge to reach 10,000 steps per day (Fitspot can easily set one up on your custom wellness portal!). It’s also a great perk to offer a variety of exercise classes in your office, such as yoga, Pilates, or circuit training. When you partner with Fitspot, we’ll plan them, promote them, and provide all the necessary equipment, along with an awesome instructor. And the benefits are fantastic: When employees take an active break during the day, they’ll come back to their desks feeling refreshed and energized. On the flipside, offering the class at the end of the day helps them burn off calories—and stress.

3. Stock healthy snacks.

It doesn’t have to be as hard as you might think! Arrange for a grocery delivery service to drop off a week’s supply of healthy eats, such as fresh fruit, Kind bars, string cheese, and Greek yogurt. (Check out this list of 10 healthy snacks for more inspiration!) Then put them in plain sight in the breakroom. This makes it easy for people to grab what’s good for them, instead of a candy bar or bag of chips from the vending machine.

4. Swap soda for sparkling water.

Similarly, if you have sodas in the fridge consider switching them out for naturally flavored sparkling waters. (Or at least offer both options!) Drinks like LaCroix or other flavored seltzers have all the fizzyness and flavor of soda without the added sugars and calories. Another tip to help employees drink more H2O: Pass out branded water bottles, like the ones we have at Fitpost!

5. Take breaks.

No matter how much you enjoy your job, you won’t do your best work without stopping for a breather every now and then. Science shows that people who take breaks come back to work feeling more refreshed, more creative, and more energized. If you’re in HR or hold a senior-level position, it’s crucial to lead by example and take breaks, like a walk around the block or the office or a chat with a coworker in the breakroom. Aim forat least three 15-minute breaks throughout the day.

6. Hold a health fair.

If you’re not yet sure you’re ready to commit to a full corporate wellness program, hold a day-long health fair or “wellness day,” as we call it at Fitspot. We’ll come to your office and offer workout classes, healthy cooking classes, manicures, massages, and more. If your employees love it, you may realize that a more robust corporate wellness program may be a good investment. (Interested in learning more about our wellness days? Get in touch here.)

7. Provide cleaning supplies.

While someone may take care of wiping down common areas, all too often employees’ desks and other personal spots are left dirty and germy. Give employees their own set of antibacterial wips and hand gel to encourage them to help keep the entire office clean and healthy, for everyone.

8. Go for (healthy) group lunches.

Next time you’re celebrating an achievement at work—such as someone’s promotion or reaching sales goals—think about taking your team out to a restaurant with healthy options, rather than opting for a happy hour or a bagel breakfast. It doesn’t have to be all green juices; look for a restaurant in your area that offers farm-to-table cuisine and choices like salads, wraps, and lighter entrees.

9. Invite in experts.

One important tenet of Fitspot’s Active Wellness programming are our expert-led educational workshops, covering topics such as nutrition, stretching, digestive health, cooking demonstrations, fad diets, goal setting, sleep management, financial wellness, and so much more. The Fitspot team has personally tried and developed each of these workshops to ensure they teach important wellness elements in a very real and fun way. 


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