Working remotely can be difficult for employees to feel engaged. How can you help motivate your colleagues and teammates to provide them with perks that help them feel energized and excited to work from home?

Think about the different areas of wellness for employees: physical and mental health, personal goals, technology and equipment, and company purpose and altruism. All of these pieces are important to people personally and as employees and they all are huge factors in employee engagement.

Here are 8 work perks you can implement that drive remote employee engagement.

Fitness classes

Promoting physical health for employees shows you care about them holistically. Fitspot’s experienced partners are well-versed and equipped to guide remote employees through numerous physical activities depending on what your team prefers. Offering fitness classes as a remote work perk helps employees become stronger in body and mind.

Guided ‘extracurricular’ experiences

While guided workouts promote physical well being, they may not appeal to everyone at your company. Fitspot offers an assortment of virtual experiences that go beyond the weight room.  Explore other work perks like cooking classes, calligraphy lessons, and mixology happy hours. These outside-of-the-box perks allow people to express themselves, learn something, and ultimately drive employee engagement and happiness.

Meditation sessions

While physical health is top-of-mind, mental health is just as important, especially during uncertain times. Meditation helps eliminate negative thoughts, worries, and anxieties—all factors that can prevent employees from feeling happy and productive.

Schedule daily or bi-weekly meditation sessions for your team. Even if you’re a meditation expert, it’s beneficial to work with a professional. That way, everyone—including leadership—can benefit from the practice. It also elevates the importance of the session and drives more engagement. Fitspot offers remote guided meditation sessions that have proven to positively support remote work culture.

Full-team moments

Most companies already have a monthly meeting for all employees. Upping the cadence to bi-weekly (or even weekly) can serve as an additional way to make employees feel connected. Although your employees may have a number of virtual meetings, it’s important to come together as one and remind everyone of your company’s mission and dedication to employee support.

Virtual happy hours

Happy hours are a great way for people to come together, relax, and talk about things other than work. Although we can’t clink glasses in person, virtual happy hours can still provide time for people to connect. 

At-home tech set-up

Normally, employees are accustomed to walking into a fully equipped office. Now, working from home means employees have to take care of their desk, chair, keyboard, monitor, mouse, printer, wifi, and tons of other office supplies themselves. 

Supplying employees with a tech stipend and recommendations on what to purchase helps everyone establish a proper work environment faster. The stipend ensures everyone has what they need in order to do their best, most productive work.

Charitable donations

Many local businesses are suffering as a result of the global pandemic and most people find it hard to see their favorite neighborhood spots fall behind. Set up a charitable donation fund and ask employees to submit their favorite local business or organization that could benefit from support. Setting up a charitable donation proves you care about what your employees care about and makes them feel more heard, connected, and effective—all foundational pieces of employee engagement.


Coffee and tea are two essentials for most people’s work day. Since your employees can’t get a fresh cup from your company kitchen, consider sending coffee beans or tea bags to your team. You can schedule short, 10 minute “coffee chats” with different people or use a Slack plug-in like Donut that will randomly pair people together for short chats.

Emphasizing the importance of remote work culture is vital to keep your company engaged, happy, and healthy. Find out more about how Fitspot can help you energize and uplift your employees.


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