In terms of workplace wellness, Fitspot and health insurance providers have a few things in common. First, we both have the same mission in mind: to help employees take better care of their health.

Plus, like Fitspot, most health insurance companies also may offer biometric screenings or online health assessments to determine employees’ health risks and essential stats. They may also provide online programs for quitting smoking, relieving stress, getting more physical activity, or living with asthma.  

But that’s where the similarities tend to end.

Fitspot provides all of these services, plus so much more, with proven benefits for both your employees’ well-being and your company’s bottom line. (Here are three ways workplace wellness gives your company a competitive advantage.) Basically, while health insurance carriers provide a baseline, Fitspot offers an all-encompassing, holistic, fully managed approach to workplace wellness. Keep reading for the main differentiating factors. 

1. We make workplace wellness fun.

Sure, we offer the same biometric screenings and health risk assessments that you get with health insurance providers. Getting to know your health status and potential risks is definitely important. But at Fitspot, we believe wellness means a lot more than the numbers you get from these types of screenings.

That’s why we provide a variety of services to choose from in our wellness programs. Not only do we offer diverse fitness offerings and stress relief programs like meditation and massage, but we also offer fun perks, such as manicure stations, healthy cooking classes, DNA discovery workshops, and even sumo wrestling challenges. When getting healthy means having fun, people will be a lot more inclined to get engaged and get excited, which translates into higher participation and higher morale at work.


2. We offer in-person, on-site fitness classes. 

Most health insurance providers don’t offer any consistent workout classes in your office. If they do have any in-person classes, there isn’t a huge variety of offerings. Fitspot has a network of highly qualified health experts, called FitExperts, based around the country. They come into offices to teach a diverse range of fitness offerings, including yoga, kickboxing, Zumba, circuit training, bodyweight bootcamps, and so many more. (Check out all of our services here.)

3. We assign dedicated account managers to each of our clients.

When you become a Fitspot client, you get hands-on customer service from an account manager. They’ll manage all elements of your wellness program, from finding space for workouts to coordinating equipment delivery or storage. Any questions you have, they have answers.

4. We have top-tier wellness partners that employees can access through our portal. 

We know that making healthy decisions doesn’t end when you walk out of the office, so our portal features third-party partners who empower your employees to take their health and well-being into their own hands, 24/7. These 5 partners make up our one-of-a-kind wellness ecosystem: 

  • Whil is a digital platform that provides goal-based mindfulness training collections that help your employees lose weight, stress less, sleep better and more. 
  • Zipongo sends employees personalized healthy recipes, meal plans and shopping lists (along with incentives), and it even links with your on-site eating options to send daily suggestions,
  • Classpass is a versatile fitness membership that makes it effortless to find and book fitness classes, no matter where your employees are located.
  • FitSnap is an online HRA (health risk assessment) online solution from HealthSnap that provides a simple, non-invasive assessment option to physical health screenings.
  • Sworkit is a database of online video workouts, as well as hundreds of pre-defined workouts and workout plans. 

5. We provide a blueprint for high participation.

I often hear people say that their “other” wellness programs didn’t work, since people didn’t show up. Thanks to Fitspot’s variety of programming and flexibility of timing, our clients are often surprised at how many people do participate. Plus, our FitExperts know how to get people motivated! 

However, no matter how motivating and fun Fitspot workouts are, we know that not everyone wants to exercise at work. And that’s OK. Through our third-party partners and our custom content collateral, we encourage all employees to participate in their own way, even if that’s on their phone or at home. Here’s a sample of what kinds of custom content we offer: 

  • Tune-In Tuesdays: 15-minute online wellness segments led by industry specialists on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of every month
  • FitNews: a monthly newsletter featuring seasonal recipes, wellness tips, and health trends
  • Blog posts: We write about timely health news and tips regularly on the blog, which employees can access through the portal.

Ready to learn more? Request a free demo today with me or one of other account executives. 




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