Wellness programs have become an integral part of the fabric of daily life in many workplaces. Employees look forward to an active break in their day, and employers are able to manage their healthcare costs more efficiently.

If you’re interested in starting a wellness program at your startup or small business, it may seem fairly straightforward to create one. All you need to do is organize health screenings and a few yoga classes, and you can call it a day, right?

Not so fast.

To successfully design an effective wellness program, you need to assess your employees’ needs, create personalized programming, encourage employee buy-in at all levels of leadership, and more. These tasks will burden your HR or people operations teams with unwanted and unnecessary added work and responsibilities, especially at a startup that’s scaling at a rapid pace.

That’s why more and more startups of all sizes are turning to third-party providers to manage their wellness programs. These partners can:

  • Reduce the administrative burden on your HR and ops staff
  • Help you attract and retain top talent in your field
  • Uncover additional cost savings from your insurance provider
  • Design a flexible wellness program featuring the latest trends and knowledge
  • Choose from a variety of fitness offerings to suit your employees’ changing desires
  • And much more!

Intrigued? Click here to download this free whitepaper, and learn more about why a third-party wellness partner is a smarter choice for your startup or small business.




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