Achieving better health means more than simply reaching a number on the scale. While they are important goals, losing weight, lowering blood pressure, and other measureable outcomes make up just a small part of one’s overall health. In fact, in order to achieve optimal well-being, several distinct areas of our lives need to come into alignment, including emotional, social, and even financial health.

Fitspot’s wellness management tool goes above and beyond to provide benefits like these to your employees. Our one-of-a-kind offerings include on-site workouts, educational workshops, intra-office challenges, and other tools to create a well-rounded wellness program. Here are five key ways Fitspot can improve your workers’ lives and well-being, both in and outside of the office.

1. We create team camaraderie. 

Bonding doesn’t just take place in the breakroom. Physical activities can help foster a sense of social connectedness, especially among team members who may not interact all that often on a daily basis. When employees get together for a yoga class, circuit training, or lunch ‘n learn with Fitspot, they bond over chit-chat, lunch, and yes — how sweaty they got after their workout!

2. We improve employees’ mental health. 

In today’s hyper-connected work culture, it’s all too easy for workers to feel over-scheduled, over-tired, and stressed out. Fitspot combats that burnout in several ways. For starters, our on-site workouts can give people a much-needed boost of energy and even happiness. Exercise has been proven to decrease stress and anxiety, produce mood-boosting endorphins, and combat feelings of fatigue.

We’ve also recently partnered with Whil, a digital platform that provides goal-based training collections that help people improve their mental health. With courses taught by the world’s top health experts, Whil helps your employees take control of their mental health — right from the palm of their hand.

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3. We make workers more productive. 

When employees don’t feel stressed or fatigued, they have more energy to put into focusing more intently on what matters: their work. Workplace wellness programs have also been shown to help reduce sick days by 80% and reduce modified-duty days by 64%. Fitspot also helps your employees make better food choices through our partner, Zipongo. It’s a platform that sends personalized healthy recipes, meal plans and shopping lists (along with incentives), and it even daily suggestions of what to choose at the company cafeteria. The result: Better nutrition leads an improvement of productivity at work.

4. We help improve their financial smarts.

Our expert-taught educational workshops enable your employees to learn about important topics in a fun, hands-on way. One of our most popular options — financial wellness — covers personal finance topics ranging from saving for retirement to utilizing company benefits. This helps empower employees to learn more and take control of their finances, while also positioning your company as an employer who truly cares about their lives and well-being outside the office.

5. We empower employees to discover their intrinsic motivation.

No matter how incredible the prizes are for a corporate wellness challenge or how motivating a fitness instructor is, people need to tap into their own internal sources of motivation to truly make a health and fitness program effective. That’s why Fitspot a number of on-going resources and information that help people uncover their personal reasons to keep improving their health and well-being. Our wellness workshops, wellness collateral (such as handouts, email newsletters, and blog potsts), and Tune-In Tuesdays led by health expert, we help people find their own reasons for living better.




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