Is recruiting top talent a top priority for your company? If so, you’re not alone. After all, the caliber of your employees is truly what helps your company stand out above the rest.

Unfortunately, the hiring landscape is competitive these days, no matter what industry you’re in. Especially as unemployment rates plummet, it becomes more and more difficult to attract—and retain—the most qualified candidates. Here are three advantages of workplace wellness programs that can give your company that competitive edge you’re craving.

Wellness programs show job-seekers that your company cares.

When you find your diamond in the rough for that sales director or marketing manager position, the hiring process isn’t over. They’ve done their job of convincing you that they’re the right fit for your company; now, you have to convince them that your company is the best fit for them.

How do you do that? By showing them that your company really cares about its employee’s health and well-being.

The effect that this can have on how an employee views their employer can’t be overstated. According to one workplace survey of nearly 4,000 employees, 88 percent of respondents said that having health and wellness programs gives a potential employer a leg up. In other words, if a top candidate is deciding between two offers, chances are they’ll go with the employer who provides wellness programs.

Think about it: There’s a reason all the big tech giants (think Google, Microsoft, Facebook) offer incredible benefits packages including free gym memberships, on-site fitness, healthy snacks, and much more. They have to, because they’re all competing for the top tech talent in the country.

While you may not be a Silicon Valley startup, there’s no question that your company is facing competition in the hiring process, so why should your approach to health be any different? Imagine you’re an employee deciding between company A, which half-heartedly offers biometric screenings every year, or company B that hosts on-site fitness classes, free healthy snacks, massages, meditation, fun, interactive workshops, and incentives to get healthier. B for the win, right?

Wellness programs promote your internal workplace culture.

Having a vibrant wellness program also a natural way to get the word out to potential recruits who may not have heard about your company. It’s hard to imagine yourself working in environment that you don’t know much about, but with an Active Wellness program in place, it’s easy to illustrate how much fun employees are having at work.

Post your snaps of your wellness activities on social media and write about them on your company blog. This gives “outsiders” a behind-the-scenes look inside your company culture. Trust us: When you begin offering yoga classes, cooking demos, workshops, and on-site massages, word gets around fast.

Wellness programs encourage employees to stay for the long haul.

The benefits of a wellness program go far beyond simply attracting top talent. It helps them become loyal employees. According to the same employee survey, 87 percent of employees say wellness programs positively impact company culture. Plus, 96 percent are participating in them to improve their own health.

Other research has determined that companies with a wellness program have a 9 percent attrition rate, compared to 15 percent at companies without one. Having low turnover rates, as you likely know, not only saves your company money, but also boosts morale and camaraderie among team members.

All this evidence proves that workplace wellness programs are not a fleeting perk. Employees are truly excited to get involved, and the research shows without a doubt how these these programs positively impact company culture. We’ve seen that happen at Fitspot’s clients too. One company, Bentley Mills, surveyed their employees and found that 99 percent of participants felt more positively toward their employer after implementing a Fitspot workplace wellness plan. (Read the case study here.)

The bottom line: Employees like to know they’re appreciated and valued—that they’re more than mere cogs in a machine. Providing a comprehensive workplace wellness plan is one excellent way that employers can prove that.

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