In the past, commercial real estate amenities were fragmented. Landlords had to go to multiple vendors for multiple services: one vendor for a fitness center, another for a cafe, and another to build out a lobby space. For large property groups that span across multiple cities, it was not a scalable solution. 

From a commercial real estate point of view, companies want more flexibility in their lease terms. There’s a demand for turnkey spaces and services. Landlords need to provide real estate that attracts and retains talent. A water cooler and a coffee pot are not enough. In the past, on-site gyms were a checkbox. Now, the workforce expects more. 

The Hospitality-Centered Property

Recently commercial real estate has taken on the qualities of a hospitality offering. Properties are beginning to offer amenities that appeal to tenants and create a sense of community. These amenities are geared toward keeping the tenants on-site and offer a competitive edge. Commercial real estate has mimicked the success of the hospitality industry by activating lobby spaces, offering changing rooms and showers, and becoming more sustainable. Fitspot has shifted focus and now offers buildouts of amenities that tell your tenants you care.

Lobby Activations 

Lobbies used to be stale. Despite being the entrance to a property, the lobby was a lifeless space that had a security desk at most. Now, building lobbies have taken on the appearance of a hotel, complete with a cafe, a concierge service, and comfortable seating. Lobby activations are a way to capture interest amongst tenants the moment they walk in the building, and wellness-specific events are a great starting point. Host pop-up juice bars in the morning or chair massages during lunch hours, to capture attention as tenants come in and out of the building. 

End of Trip Facilities

Gone are the days when “facilities” were just parking garages and conference rooms. End-of-trip facilities are tailored toward those who: take alternative modes of transportation to work (other than public transport and driving), might exercise during the day, require space to get ready before or after work, or even those who require a locker for equipment. These facilities include lockers, changing rooms, showers, cosmetic space (mirrors, hair dryers, hair straighteners), and bicycle parking. In the Midwest, a JLL survey found that in 4.2 percent of CRE renovations, landlords invested in bike storage. For those who want to do more on-site, these facilities are a place to switch between work and life. 

Sustainable Buildings 

Building environments shape and influence the fine line between work and life. The WELL Building Standard, launched in 2014, represents a new frontier for building and workplace design. Just as Fitspot focuses on improving the wellness of properties and their tenants, WELL is the first leading global building certification and rating system focused exclusively on how properties and their environments impact human health and wellness. The WELL Building Standard encompasses seven core concepts that impact a building population’s wellness, from air and water to mind and comfort. Properties add an extra level of trust and thoughtfulness between their tenants when they have earned a WELL Building certification. Fitspot’s buildouts can add gym space, quiet rooms and meditation spaces, outdoor walking trails, and more, to align with these core concepts.


Fitspot takes an asset-light approach to workplace amenities. 80 percent of Fitspot clients do not have designated spaces for amenity offerings, so we have to get creative. Fitspot hosts property-wide events utilizing vacant floors, conference rooms, rooftops, and even the tenant’s own spaces. The more properties can link tenants together, the better chance of creating a community. Fitspot delivers hospitality-driven amenities to properties across the country. We design and implement buildouts, handle all logistics, and manage programming from start to finish.

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