January marks the beginning of a new year, and it’s the perfect time to focus on how to eat well and recalibrate your system. One of Fitspot’s key pillars is Nutritional Wellness. We see food as a key driver in wellness. According to our FitPartner Zipongo, people make an average of 200 food decisions per day. That’s a large number! And it doesn’t factor in the hundreds of other decisions you make in your work and personal life.

We’ll make nutrition easier for you. Throughout the month, we’ll highlight tips and actionable ways to eat well, in addition to our usual workplace wellness insights for your company and property.

Let’s start with a little competition. Print out this list and encourage your workplace to keep track of these goals.

Swap out soda with sparkling water

Pack your lunch at least twice per week

Eat meatless for dinner at least once per week

Cook a new healthy recipe once per week


Opt for a piece of fruit instead of a packaged snack

Sneak vegetables into your meals in place of a low-nutrient food such as bread, white rice, pasta, etc

Buy a few organic, non-GMO foods each week

Eat a nutrient-rich breakfast

Reach for raw nuts in place of chips or other salty snacks

Buy plain-style yogurt without added sugar

Swap out a cocktail for kombucha

Drink 8 glasses of water per day

Cook your own meal instead of buying frozen entrees

Make a salad instead of a sandwich for lunch

Eat at the table instead of on your couch, at your desk or in the car


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