In honor of Mental Health Awareness Month in May, we’re launching our Be Well with Fitspot series, featuring blog posts, an e-book, and one-sheets that focus on mental wellness in the workplace. Mental health is a topic that may not be promoted, talked about, or even thought about much at most offices. But it’s one that affects all workers and all workplaces, across all industries. And it’s time to talk about it. 

Offices can be full of creativity and inspiration. They’re places where great ideas are born and come to life. They’re where people make a living, providing value to their company and bringing meaning to their own lives.

On the other hand, offices can also be stressful environments, filled with overworked employees and uncaring managers. And chances are that you know both sides of the workplace all too well. Research shows that 65% of Americans cite work as their top source of stress, and only 37% of employees say they have the resources to help manage their stress.

Fortunately, there’s good news. It doesn’t take a massive overhaul to help you feel better at the office, and there are several simple ways you can boost your mood, right at work.

Below, we discuss a few simple ways to feel happier at work—almost instantly. Of course, eliminating stress may be more complex and more difficult than simply squeezing a rubber ball. But making a few of these easy changes in your office environment can actually make a huge difference in your mood. We’d love to hear else what else you do to reduce stress daily! Tell us at @FitspotWellness on Instagram or Twitter.

What You Can Buy:


1. A Stress Ball

Next time you’re feeling overwhelmed, give it a quick squeeze, or toss it back and forth with a colleague. (These Fitspot-branded stress balls are delivered free to all of our clients.)




2. A Photo Frame

Buy a nice-looking picture frame and fill it a photo of your family, your pup, a peaceful beach scene—anything that brings a smile to your face, even on the most hectic days.

3. A Diffuser

A mini desk diffuser (like this cute cactus one) can make a world of difference. Fill it with essential oils that match your mood: Peppermint can help perk you up, while lavender can relieve stress and help you relax.



4. A Water Bottle

You know that draggy, 3 p.m.-on-a-Wednesday feeling? There’s a quick fix: Drink more H2O. Invest in a large, insulated water bottle so you can always keep cool water at your desk, such as one from Hydroflask or Yeti

5. A Succulent

At Fitspot, we all have a small succulent at our desks, and the amount of happiness they bring far outweighs the $10 (or less) price tag. Plus, research shows that plants help people focus and concentrate, leading to higher overall productivity.




6. Healthy Snacks

Stash a few healthy snacks at your desk so you can avoid being “hangry” at your next 12pm meeting. Protein bars, apples, beef jerky, nuts, and even dark chocolate are all great choices.

What You Can Do:


7. Hold a Walking Meeting

Get some fresh air while getting work done. Ask a coworker if they’ll join you for a walking meeting next time you don’t need a computer.

8. Breathe Deeply

Sometimes, taking a few deep breaths is all you need to put a stop to stress.




9. Listen to Upbeat Music

This is proven way to boost your mood. Spotify and Pandora have curated “happy” playlists that you can tune into for free.

10. Watch a Funny YouTube Clip

This is the one time-wasting activity we’ll stand behind. Sometimes, you just need to zone out from the work at-hand and laugh a little. Search for your favorite comedian on YouTube or watch some classic clips of your favorite comedy.




11. Take a coffee break with a colleague.

Or heck, if it’s allowed, have a beer together. Human connection is one of the most overlooked ways to boost your mood and beat stress. Caffeine also helps you perk up, while a late-afternoon beer will allow you to wind down.

If you’re an HR executive or a manager, consider making a list of these tips and emailing them to your employees. 

Want to go the extra mile? Talk to Fitspot about bringing yoga and/or meditation classes into your office, a proven way to reduce stress and boost happiness at work. Learn more by requesting a demo today.




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