What if you’re looking for an all-around awesome workout that mixes both strength and cardio, but is also beginner-friendly? Then we’d suggest going with a circuit training class featuring high-intensity interval training, or HIIT for short. As the name suggests, this isn’t an easy workout. But thanks to recovery breaks between stations and modifications offered for each move, it’s also perfect for exercisers of any level and ability.

Plus, it delivers countless benefits for your body: The cardio stations get your heart rate up, strength moves work every major muscle group, and abs exercise improve your core strength. Research also shows this type of interval training helps build lean muscle, burn calories, improve cardiovascular fitness, lower blood pressure, and more, as illustrated on the graphic below. The best part? Since you’re moving from station to station at a fast pace, the workout also goes by relatively quickly, and our FitExperts actually make it fun (we promise!).



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