Since the rise of WeWork and Industrious, these companies have made coming to work much more appealing by transforming flexible space into multiple amenity offerings. It’s not uncommon to see these co-working spaces look more like a hotel than an office, complete with sleek design, food and beverage options, and experiences.

Where we work and live affects our well-being, so creating an environment similar to co-working will help support work/life balance and improve well-being. Studies show that only 15 percent of properties offers amenities, yet 36 percent of employees want them.

In addition to Fitspot’s technology, rooftop space, gardens and concierge services improve your property’s appeal in a competitive landscape. The more flexible your property offerings are, the more attraction it will have for tenants!

Full-Service Gym and Spa

Sure, every property claims to have a gym, but does a four-walled, lifeless room with three cardio machines and a rack of weights count? These days, the modern workforce (aka millennials) are looking for boutique services. Distinguish your fitness club from just a gym by adding a spa, complete with a sauna, hot tub, and lap pool. And for on-site group workouts led by certified instructors, Fitspot can coordinate and organize a fitness program to meet your property’s needs.

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Get Green

Bring the outdoors inside your property and plant a “living wall.” Also known as vertical gardens, living walls are essentially walls covered in plants and greenery. They’re beneficial for tenant’s health and for your property. Plants filter up to 87 percent of airborne toxins, according to NASA, and that results in cleaner air. As for your building’s energy costs, plants also improve insulation – an added incentive if your building is located in an urban concrete jungle.

On-Site Dining All Day Long

 Whether your property serves tenants as a live/work/play community or serves as a corporate building, go the extra mile and offer dining options for any meal. An on-site cafeteria with breakfast, lunch and dinner choices means less time leaving the property, and more time on-site experiencing your other great amenities! Educate tenants and their employees on nutrition and ensure dining options sell affordable, healthy food.  Adults with the greatest knowledge of nutrition are 25 percent more likely to eat a healthy diet, according to a study in Nutrition. With Fitspot’s wellness management tool, gain access to Zipongo and find personalized healthy recipes, menu suggestions and more to make it easier to make better food choices.

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Common Spaces

And while tenants are enjoying a meal or spending time off the clock, make sure they have the space to do it. Create a sense of community and spice up open spaces by turning them into courtyards -inside or outside – add in picnic tables, fountains, and even casual games such as ping pong and cornhole. Splashes of color can improve mood, so consider installing local art exhibits to enhance the appearance of blank wall space.

A Rooftop

A rooftop is an untapped potential for your property, so transform that space into an innovative design. Give your tenants a bird’s eye view of your property’s surrounding neighborhood and take advantage of the open air and sweeping views. How can you make your rooftop stand out? Turn it into a lounge, a recreational sports court, a lounge or bar, a garden, or even a swimming pool! A few of Fitspot’s clients utilize their rooftops for fitness training – Tinder and The Boro Tysons have a basketball court, uses their rooftop for circuit training, and 1500 K Street‘s roof features a lounge.

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Concierge Services

Wouldn’t it be great if your tenants could check a few items off their to-do list while at your property? Grocery shopping – done! Dry cleaning – done! A concierge service alleviates some of these mundane tasks. In addition to services like dry cleaning, shoe shining, and even composting, use Zipongo in Fitspot’s wellness management tool for grocery shopping. The digital nutrition app allows users to create a grocery list based on their meal plan, and order groceries from delivery services like Instacart. Another idea for your concierge is a transportation kiosk. If your property is located in a big city, it’s possible that at least some of your tenants are using public transportation to get to work. Help out planning with a virtual transportation kiosk that features train and bus times, airport shuttles, and show a map that highlights nearby rideshares. If your city has a bike share, find out how you can add a docking station at your property. 

Floor to Ceiling Windows

According to data from Leesman, 76 percent of employees state that natural light is important to them, yet only 57 percent are satisfied with the offering in their workplace. Add in floor-to-ceiling windows as a way to make tenants feel closer to nature and they’ll reap the benefits of increased satisfaction, productivity, and performance at work. In fact, research from Human Spaces proves natural light is associated with a 15 percent increase in well-being and creativity.

Rooms for Mindfulness

Studies show that 43 percent of the workforce suffers from chronic stress, so chances are they are not only looking for but need a break from the daily grind.  Design private spaces for employees to unwind. A few ideas – nap pods, meditation rooms or technology-free reflection spaces. Need some inspiration on where to start? Inside Fitspot’s wellness management tool, Whil provides mindfulness training that’s proven to reduce stress and improve performance. It’s yet another way Fitspot puts your employees’ well-being into the palm of their hands—24/7.

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Resources for Parents

80 percent of new mothers attempt to breastfeed for up to one year after birth, so providing them with a private lactation room will show that you have their best interest in mind. These rooms should be complete with refrigerators to store milk, sanitization equipment to wash bottles and any other pumping equipment. For parents with children too young for school, an on-site childcare facility takes one less stress away when they can drop off their children in the same place they work.

A Fully-Managed Amenities Program

What’s the most actionable way you can improve tenant happiness? Amenities have been proven to positively impact employees by lowering stress levels, decreasing turnover rates, raising self-esteem, and creating a better team-building mentality.

Fitspot offers on-site services such as kombucha happy hours, fitness classes, chair massages, and more. Our advanced technology platform tracks metrics, integrates with building management software, and streamlines programming from start to finish. Fitspot takes an asset-light approach to delivering on-site services to property groups. Many Fitspot clients do not have designated space for amenity services, but we can activate rooftops, lobbies, conference rooms, and un-leased spaces.

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