We all know that consuming too much sugar is detrimental to our health. But when we’re confronted with a sweet treat, we often just can’t help but take a bite.

Luckily, there are tons of simple techniques for overcoming sugar cravings.

If you can’t reach it, you can’t eat it.

Too often, we sabotage our efforts to stay healthy by keeping a “stash” of sweets in a desk drawer, or in the car. If you can’t give up having sweets around, try moving your stash to a hard to reach place, or ask a colleague to keep it for you. The accountability will help you to take a few extra minutes to decide just how much you’re really craving those sweets.

Find another flavor

Sometimes when we crave sugar, we’re really just craving fresh flavor. Healthier options like mints, chewing gum, or even brushing your teeth can naturally suppress sugar cravings.

Stay health-full

When we’re very hungry, we’re less capable of making healthy choices. Keep fueling yourself with natural proteins like nuts, chicken, spinach, or eggs to avoid impulsive eating.

Swap the sugars

Not all sweets are created equal. Unlike candies and pastries, foods that have a lot of natural sugar can also contain important nutrients. When you get a craving, choose a healthy indulgence that has natural sugars, like fresh or dried fruits, carrots, or another naturally sweet produce.

Remember that sweets aren’t snacks

Simply reframing how we perceive certain foods can have a huge impact on our behavior. Instead of thinking of sweets as snacks that you eat between meals, think of them as desserts, which you have only on special occasions.

Count your candy calories

Calories don’t always paint a clear picture of the health benefits of foods, but they are handy way to keep track of how much sugar you’ve been eating. If you keep a log of calories throughout the day, you might think twice about consuming 200-400 more in the shape of a candy bar.  

Drink water

It’s well-established that staying hydrated can reduce hunger and make you less likely to eat unnecessary sugar. Make it a point to drink water between meals when you would normally be snacking.

Watch what you drink

When we think of sugary treats, we might think of candy, pastries, or ice cream. But beverages like sodas, sports drinks, and even juice can contain as much sugar as an ice cream cone! Keep your eye on the nutrition labels when choosing a beverage.

Offset sweets with sweat

Sometimes there are sweets we just can’t pass up. Whether it’s a co-worker’s birthday cake, mom’s famous pumpkin pie, or ice cream on the last day of summer, make sure you work off the extra sugar intake with some serious exercise.

It might seem impossible, but with these simple tricks, you can beat the sweets!



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