For C-suite execs, managers, and HR teams, the mental wellness of their employees is too often an afterthought. In some ways, that makes sense. After all, there’s enough that goes into running a business without having to worry about your employees’ states of mind. Why worry about something you can’t even see, or measure?

Turns out, there are plenty of good reasons why companies need to care about their employees’ mental health. And even though mental health may be invisible, you can measure it. In fact, when you learn the percentage of Americans who cite work as their top source of stress, you may do a double-take.

Read on for more surprising stats about how mental health issues are playing out in the workplace, how it affects companies’ bottom lines, and why it’s so important to address it.

  • 65% of Americans cite work as their top source of stress
  • Only 37% of stressed employees say that their companies provide sufficient resources to help them manage stress
  • Only 40% of employees felt that someone at their job cares about how they feel 
  • 28% of people say that their mental health has affected their work performance
  • Work-related stress is the cause of nearly $300 billion in healthcare costs annually 
  • About one-third of Americans are actively engaged in their work
  • Disengaged employees cost employers $450-550 billion per year 
  • About 16 million Americans deal with depression 
  • Issues associated with depression cost employers an estimated $44 billion annually in lost productivity
  • Positive relationships matter: 72% of employees say respectful interactions is a top factor of job satisfaction



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