The Client

Bentley Mills is a modular carpet tile, broadloom, and area rug manufacturing company located in West Covina, CA. The majority of their 350+ employees work in shifts, fabricating and shipping their products.

The Challenge

Bentley Mills leadership wanted to continue to help their team improve their wellness. They were searching for a third-party partner to help facilitate a comprehensive program that met the following criteria:

  • Flexible and customizable timing, staffing, and service offerings to engage their diverse team 
  • Bilingual instruction in English and Spanish
  • On-site wellness services that fit into the working day
  • fully managed service provided by a reliable partner that didn’t put any strain on HR
  • Wellness marketing materials, newsletters and feedback surveys

When they learned about Fitspot, leaders realized our revolutionary wellness ecosystem perfectly fit all of the above attributes.

The Fitspot Approach

First, Fitspot took an initial survey to determine exactly what Bentley Mills’ employees wanted from a wellness partnership, and built out programming based on their feedback. Fitspot also provided printed materials and handouts announcing the partnership, class details, FitExpert bios, and sign-up forms for baseline assessments.

Next, Fitspot kicked off Active Wellness programming with a Meet ‘n Greet and a baseline assessment, during which thoroughly vetted and certified FitExperts came on-site to chat with employees about their goals, learn about their health history, and encourage them to sign up for classes.

Thanks to our partnership with InBody, the worldwide leader in body composition technology, Fitspot offered employees a full-body composition analysis to help them develop wellness goals customized to their individual needs. Each employee received a written report about their health, then met with a FitExpert to review the results and create a personalized wellness program.

The Solution: Fitspot’s Custom Active Wellness Program

The program Fitspot developed for Bentley Mills offers something for everyone: high-intensity Circuit Training workouts, Zumba classes, Yoga, and an on-site massage therapist for one-on-one chair sessions each month (an employee favorite). The Circuit Training and Zumba classes are offered on alternate days and times each week to ensure that the employees who work different shifts are able to attend a variety of programs. The yoga class takes place at the same time and same day each week, and has built a loyal following of employees who have progressed from beginner yoga to a more intermediate level.

Our custom program also features:

  • Staffed FitExperts who are bilingual, have at least three years of group fitness experience, and are well versed at working with employees of all fitness levels.
  • Equipment delivery for all services.
  • A dedicated client success manager who oversees Bentley Mills’ account, handling staffing, communication, monthly reviews, and feedback surveys.
  • All communication materials, in both English and Spanish, supplied by Fitspot. This includes sign up forms, feedback surveys, FitNews (Fitspot’s monthly newsletter), and on-site wellness posters (tips, recipes, stretching demonstrations, etc.).

The Results:

“Both the trainers and the classes has

been excellent. Thank you.”

A staggering 99 percent of employees who took our most recent survey felt more positively towards Bentley Mills since implementing Fitspot’s Active Wellness programs. Our solutions have been running for eight months, with continuous adjustments made to class scheduling based on feedback from surveys. Employees look forward to coming into work on days where there are wellness offerings, and have boosted camaraderie with their coworkers while improving their own health. Thanks to our baseline assessments, they are more aware of their health markers, and continue to challenge themselves. As employees progress, so does class intensity.

Hear what a few Bentley Mills employees have said:

“I’m very thankful to Bentley for taking care of their employees’ health.”

“Both the trainers and the classes has been excellent. Thank you.” 

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