Let’s Chat About How Fitspot can Help You!


“From a team perspective, we’re sweating together, we’re feeling the pain together, we’re going to be sore the next day together. Especially in IT when you’re sitting down at your desk all day, having Fitspot come in is convenient because they bring that motivation into the office.”

— Ricardo Z., Salesforce Administrator – SnackNation

“We pride ourselves on bringing different experiences and amenities to our tenants, and we are excited to have Fitspot build a robust program for our tenants at the Boros. I love working with Fitspot and making wellness a priority.” 

—Tanya Graves, Director of Tenant Services – The Meridian Group, Boro Tysons

“Fitspot has provided employees at Tinder with a fun and convenient way to workout. By offering group training that’s geared towards our team’s schedule and fitness level, Fitspot meets all of our employee’s needs and expectations.”

— Lacey Hulsey, Operations Manager – Tinder

“We think it’s going to help our tenants attract and retain new talent in the area. Fitspot was our first step to bring a sense of community to the property. Once people come to the property they can live, work and play. Now people can come and exercise on-site. Tenants wanted yoga, pilates and some of the classes that we selected thanks to Fitspot’s help.”

— Lisa Salvio – Equity Office, The Hughes Center