All over the world, employees are sick and tired.

Work doesn’t have to be why.

Every day, people drive the wellness of companies. We believe companies should return the favor. In 2014, Fitspot began making employees happy and healthy by bringing wellness into the workplaces of every major U.S. city.

Workers got fit, ate healthier, knew their health risks, lowered their stress levels and really connected with each other. Then they lowered healthcare costs, increased productivity, got injured and sick less, built stronger teams and stayed loyal longer.

It’s not magic. It’s workplace wellness.

Screenings. Fitness. Stress Relief. Experiences. Technology. Workshops. (And a lot of fun.)

We are Fitspot.

We’re not another corporate wellness program. We’re a wellness solution revolution.

Our FitLeadership Team

Meet Jonathan

Co-Founder & CEO

Hey! I’m Jonathan.

When I was growing up in Manhattan, I had to learn how to stay fit in small spaces. After I had my degree from Emory University and became a busy investment banker, I learned how to stick to a healthy routine, even though I barely had time to sleep.

I became a nationally certified NCSF Personal Trainer because I love fitness and the way it feels to truly be healthy. And I train hard (because I’ll always love pizza). But I didn’t leave Wall Street to make wellness my career until my father, a hard worker all of his life, had a big health scare.

Now, my mission is to help companies, like the one my dad worked for, make it simple for their people to stay healthy.

Meet Sammy

Co-Founder & COO

Hi there! I’m Sammy.

I discovered pilates as a teenager in Australia and I was just hooked. I loved how every exercise flowed into the next one, just like dance.

When I became a nationally certified Pilates Instructor during college at the University of Miami, I used pilates to improve the game of serious athletes. I got to show them how to work muscles they didn’t even know they had.

After graduation, I got a regular desk job, because that’s what everyone was doing. But it was so frustrating to stay healthy in that 9 to 5 lifestyle. I remember thinking, there has to got to be a better way, for all of us.

To me, wellness means more than just 10,000 steps a day and I want to help more people adopt that lifestyle. So now I do what I’m really passionate about, helping everyday people feel stronger and healthier.

(But my biggest fitness accomplishment will always be getting my dad into yoga.)